Once Upon a Time Is Doing Frozen! Bosses Spill on “Misunderstood” Elsa and More

May 12

E!Online spoke with Adam & Eddie about the big finale last night … they talked about their goals for Snow this past season and what is to come.

What were your goals for Snow this season?
EK: I think for Snow we wanted to tell a much more emotional and personal story, which is you know, for two seasons, it was kind of, you know, the first season she was in the dark because she was cursed and then season two, she just naturally, because she’s such a hopeful spirit, assumed that now that the curse is broken and Emma knows who we are, we have our daughter again, and this year, what we wanted to do was say well actually that’s not true, she doesn’t look at you like a mom, and it made her kind of question what she missed in life and what she wanted and where her happy ending was and how she continued to try and provide a hopeful influence on Emma. So her journey this year with Emma personally was to get Emma to look at her like a mom.
And how great was that moment when Snow finally got her wish?! Even aside from the exciting Frozen twist at the end, that finale was packed with beautiful moments, from Emma somewhat embracing her feelings for Hook and the marriage of Rumple and Belle! Interested in buying a wedding present?

“They’ll be registering for eye of newt and a dragon’s heart,” Kitsis told us with a laugh.

Great! Now… does anyone know how to get to Diagon Alley?!

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Ginnifer Goodwin Previews Wicked Childbirth, a ‘Significant’ Baby Naming and Season 3?s Super-Secret Final Scene

May 2

TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich spoke with Ginny about the season 3 finale and what is in store for the rest of the season.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time will make a very special delivery this Sunday at 8/7c, as Mary Margaret aka Snow White gives birth to a baby that the Wicked Witch is hot to get her green mitts on. With an eye on the imminent addition to the Charming clan, TVLine invited Ginnifer Goodwin — whose baby with husband/costar Josh Dallas should soon arrive with a bit less drama — to preview Season 3?s final three hours, including the top-secret scene that sets the stage for Season 4.

TVLINE | I probably should know the answer to this, but I’ve never bothered to ask you myself: Which pregnancy came first? Would [series creators] Adam [Horowitz] and Eddy [Kitsis] have made Snow White pregnant regardless?

It’s something that we had sort of discussed over the past year-and-a-half. They knew that there was an “Untitled Ginny Goodwin/Josh Dallas Project” in the works, and we knew there was a very much-titled Snow White/Prince Charming Project in the works, and we were hoping that the timing would overlap. And they had given themselves some wiggle room in the writing. We knew that the characters wanted to become pregnant, so once we became pregnant in real life, they could say, “All right, here we go.”

TVLINE | But once they did write it in, did they give you a heads-up that Snow’s pregnancy would not be without drama?
Well, we knew that from the beginning! [Laughs] But what was lovely – and unexpected, just because no one thinks of these things that far enough in advance – is they found a way to help me be an extremely pregnant woman while filming. I was not asked to leap off any cliffs or things like that myself, once we knew there really was a baby in there.

TVLINE | I think back to a couple of episodes ago, where Snow was kicking back in the apartment, her feet up on a hassock….
Oh yes. One of my assistant directors actually got for me — and carried around the woods — a leather lounge chair. It went everywhere with us, including on mountaintops.

TVLINE | When I visited the set in February, you and Jennifer Morrison used the word “creepy” to describe the Season 3B storyline. And really, what’s creepier than having the Big Bad going after a baby?
Absolutely. There’s something very Rosemary’s Baby about the whole thing to us, and I feel like that was almost honored in the wardrobe choices for Mary Margaret — though no one ever confirmed that that was any kind of inspiration. But all of those baby doll dresses of the ’60s eras kind of gave us an additional layer of the creeps.

TVLINE | Going into this Sunday’s episode, “Kansas,” Snow is in labor. Are she and Charming going to be able to lose themselves at all in the joy of childbirth?
No, that wouldn’t be near dramatic enough. [Laughs] We’re going to be looking over our shoulders the entire time, because we know that Zelena is after our newborn, in order to turn back time and change her destiny and possibly erase Regina from existence. We are not even going to get through the actual pushing part without there being complications that are not medically related.

TVLINE | One of our readers wondered: “Why not deliver the baby at the apartment, which has the protection spell?”
That’s a good point. I kept raising the question, “Why is Charming all right with Dr. Whale down there between Mary Margaret’s legs?” After all they’ve been through. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Without revealing anything, will Baby Charming’s name make a certain amount of sense?
Yes, the baby’s name is going to be significant, absolutely significant. In fact, every time I not only read the script but then every time we filmed it, I got very, genuinely emotional. It was an excellent move — and very unexpected.

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Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

April 24

In case you missed it check out Ginny’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live from last night! And how cute is pregnant Ginny! I LOVE it! Plus she shares some stories from her wedding day!

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May Sweeps Scoopapalooza | Once Upon a Time

April 23

TV Line is having their May Sweeps Scoopapalooza … and here is the scoop on Once Upon a Time’s finale!

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | ABC’s fantastical drama opens its sweeps run April 27, with an episode that “answers an enormous amount of questions,” cocreator Eddy Kitsis promises. Among them: Who cast the new curse and why? And what else is Hook hiding about his remembered year? And though the Storybrooke heroes seem to have the Wicked Witch’s time-traveling agenda figured out, “There’s an additional surprise element to what’s coming,” says cocreator Adam Horowitz. “It becomes more than it appeared at first blush.” On May 4, the episode “Kansas” serves up more Oz-based mythology (and iconography) as well as introduces us to the show’s take on Dorothy. All of that, Kitsis says, “will open the door to a new adventure that leads to the two-hour finale.” Exclusive bonus scooplet: Someone you thought you’d seen the last of puts in one more appearance, and soon.

MAY 11 SEASON FINALE (2 HOURS) | The double pump of “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home” is “not just two episodes crammed together in one night,” says Kitsis. “It was written as a two-hour movie, and it will not only complete the arc of this season, but it will absolutely set up next season” – akin to how last May, the gang set course for Neverland. “We’re not getting on a boat this time,” Horowitz quips, “but seeds for Season 4 are planted.” As is a ring on someone’s finger. “There will be a wedding,” Kitsis affirms, adding… well, nothing. (But we tried!)

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown: See the Sketch!

April 18

I have been anxiously awaiting a pic so we could see how beautiful Ginnifer was in her wedding gown … here is a glimpse of the designer’s sketch of the dress.

Ginnifer Goodwin and her new husband Josh Dallas know a little something about fairy tales from their costarring roles on Once Upon a Time — so it stands to reason that the actress looked just like a princess on their wedding day.

Goodwin, 35, and Dallas, 32, tied the knot in a small ceremony in Calif. Saturday (though they’ve yet to go on their honeymoon, as they’re expecting their first child together soon). And we have a look at the star’s beautiful Monique Lhuillier wedding dress sketch.

“Ginnifer’s gown was created by draping silk white tulle over a delicate layer of floral Chantilly lace,” says Lhuillier, who told WWD, “Ginny and I have been good friends for years. When I heard she was engaged, I was over the moon happy for her and Josh. We had the best time at our fittings.” Goodwin wore the romantic draped dress (which had a sccop neck, long sleeves and a beautiful open back) with a matching veil.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dallas!

April 12

E!News has reported that Josh & Ginnifer were married tonight in Los Angeles! So happy for them!

It’s official!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have tied the knot!

The two Once Upon a Time costars were married today at sunset in an intimate ceremony in front of about 30 close friends and family in the Los Angeles area.

An eyewitness tells E! News exclusively that guests arrived in formal attire between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.

By 7 p.m., everyone enjoyed a cocktail reception with a Spanish guitar player in a courtyard with cactuses and stone pathways.

“Ginnifer and Josh seemed very relaxed and happy,” our source says. “They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends and kept it very intimate and simple.”

The bride wore a custom-designed Monique Lhuillier gown.

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