TV Guide October 21st Scan

October 25

I have added a new scan from TV Guide’s October 21st issue of Ginnifer & Joanna Garcia Swisher as Snow & Ariel.

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Ginnifer Goodwin Online > 2013 > October 21 | TV Guide

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TV Guide’s Comic Con Issue Scans

August 1

Thanks to Claudia we have a scan from the new issue of TV Guide of Ginny & Josh at Comic Con.


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Ginnifer Goodwin Online > 2013 > August 5 | TV Guide

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Prestige | Whom Are You?

July 10

As I mentioned a few days ago Ginny is featured on the new issue of Prestige Magazine … here is a highlight of the cover story!

KAVITA DASWANI meets actress GINNIFER GOODWIN in Los Angeles and discovers that behind her sweet facade lies a self-professed “grammar Nazi”

ABOUT 45 MINUTES into a meeting over coffee with Ginnifer Goodwin, a young man approaches her, apologising profusely for the intrusion, and asks for an autograph.

“I never do this,” he says plausibly. “But I’m on the phone with my 14-year-old niece and I told her you were here and she’s, like, literally crying right now. She loves you so much.”

Goodwin, obliging graciously, is used to this.

The TV show in which she stars, Once Upon a Time, and which bowed in October 2011, is one of the highest-rated programmes on American television, drawing in 11 million viewers a week. The premise is one that viewers are either drawn to, or scoff at: it’s set in the fictional coastal town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose residents are fairytale characters transported to the real world. Goodwin plays Snow White and her alter ego, Mary Margaret Blanchard, sharing screen time with The Evil Queen, Rumplestiltskin, Pinocchio and Red Riding Hood. Now she’s back in Los Angeles while Once – which is filmed in Vancouver, where she now lives – is on hiatus.

But over the course of the next couple of months, Goodwin is going to be stepping into a rather more realistic role. The day before our meeting, it was announced that she had won the coveted role of Jackie Onassis in the National Geographic Channel’s retelling of the John F Kennedy assassination, pairing up with the ever-handsome Rob Lowe. Production starts shortly in Richmond, Virginia.

With a hit series under her belt, a string of popular movies behind her, and now being asked to play an American icon in a biopic to be produced by Ridley Scott, Goodwin’s star is on the rise.

Nonetheless, she retains a homespun earthiness about her that is endearing. She’s literate, candid and articulate, refreshingly honest about the travails of being a working actress in Hollywood (there are some, as it turns out), and self-deprecatingly funny about why well-crafted stories still need to be grammatically correct. She has wholesome, girl-next-door looks: her close-cropped auburn hair showcases perfect skin and fine features, and on this midweek afternoon, she’s strolled over a couple of blocks to her favourite cafe, wearing a casual Sonia Rykiel knit ensemble from two years ago, and Alaïa sandals, waiting her turn in line at the counter for a coffee.

Her well-rounded attitude has a lot to do with her upbringing. Born in Memphis, Tennessee to parents she describes as being both creative and business-savvy, she never considered being anything other than an actress. She took her affinity for the art seriously from the beginning, getting a BFA in acting from Boston University, her first choice. She subsequently studied on three separate occasions in England – at Stratford-upon-Avon’s Shakespeare Institute in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Company, London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. With Boston University hosting actor showcases on both the east and west coasts, Goodwin was signed to an agency while she was still in college. Upon landing in Los Angeles, she scored a starring role as one of Bill Paxton’s sister-wives in Big Love, which went on to collect a multitude of Emmy and Golden Globe nods before it ended its highly successful fiveyear run in 2011.

What’s it like being on yet another TV show?
I prefer TV, to be honest. I believe we are in the golden age of television, and I like growing and changing with a character. I like the longevity. The lifestyle is far more pleasant. I know a show can be cancelled at any time. But instead of only having that monetary security in three-month chunks, at least I know I’m going to work for nine months at a time. I’m a workaholic and I love that.

It seems like you went straight from one TV show to another. Was that deliberate?
I jumped right from the last day of Big Love to the first day of Once Upon a Time, although I did have enough time to go to Paris for Fashion Week. I was devastated when Big Love ended. I didn’t know any other LA except for when I was on that show. I moved here and was cast in the pilot immediately. When it wrapped two years ago, I was looking around at other films. I’d finished Something Borrowed (with Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield). I’d read every script I could get my hands on, and I’d been reading film scripts for many months leading up to the wrapping of Big Love. The studios are clearly making fewer movies, and to be honest I didn’t want to struggle. I didn’t want to exclusively dive into small movies where the scripts were perfect and nobody would see them, and the scripts I really loved weren’t coming my way. It became a matter of opening myself up to pilot season. Big Love was the greatest experience of my life, and I knew I might not be able to match my love for another project in that way, but I could keep on working on myself and grow in that way.

And Once Upon a Time really did appeal to you.
I love my character. I am a Disney-o-phile, and I was raised on fairytales. Fantasy is one of my absolute favourite genres in terms of what I like to watch. I took the role for selfish reasons. I knew I would be jealous of the actors in it, if I wasn’t in it. I knew it would be fun, and that my inner eight-year-old would be delighted. I haven’t made a lot of films that my future children can watch, and I was delighted to be part of a project that they could.

So you’ll be going from Snow White to Jackie O. How do you prepare for that?
I’m a homework junkie, and an obsessive researcher. She was a very private woman, so I’ve been avoiding reading bios of her. I don’t want to read other people’s opinions of her. I’m really working hard to uncover things that she had written about herself, and said about herself.

It seems like you haven’t really had much down time, that you’ve had one great gig after another.
I have been incredibly lucky. I hope that in a past life I did really amazing things for people because I certainly don’t deserve the trajectory I’ve been blessed with. I got out of school, and immediately was cast in Ed. Then I got a part in Mona Lisa Smile (with Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst). The next thing I did was Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! I left Ed after two years to shoot that, it was filming in LA, and I never left. I got Big Love and Walk The Line at the same time. It was all really magical, and I’ll never have another time like that in my career.

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Ginnifer Covers the July issue of Prestige

July 1

Ginny is covering the new issue of Prestige magazine and looks ADORABLE! I can’t wait to see more from this photoshoot!

On preparing for her upcoming role as Jackie O: “I’m a homework junkie, and an obsessive researcher. She was a very private woman, so I’ve been avoiding reading bios of her. I don’t want to read other people’s opinions of her.”

On acting: “I find that acting enriches my private life more than it even enriches me as a performer. Because I’ve been so lucky, it’s meant that I’ve been able to have an incredible quality of real life that I hadn’t even thought about.”

On her career choices: “I thought I would either be an actress or an astronaut, knowing full well I’d never be an astronaut.”

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Scans from 2004 Issue of Allure

June 23

I have added a scan from the January 2004 issue of Allure that Ginnifer was featured in.

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Ginnifer Goodwin Online > PUBLICATIONS > 2004 > January | Allure

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Ginnifer Featured in Glamour

April 7

The May issue of Glamour magazine has a two page feature on Ginnifer and her evolving style. Thanks to Brianne for the scans!

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Ginnifer Goodwin Online > PUBLICATIONS > 2013 > May | Glamour

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